Saturday, March 15, 2008

Date Night!

So we decided it's been a while since we went out. I was done with work by 1:00p, which is every Friday unless we are off and Andy was off from work. We went and saw The Bucket List. The reviews from that were on the movie theater website weren't the greatest but you know we both laughed and cried. It was so good. I will so buy this movie when it comes out. We then went the grocery store and bought dinner for last night and a few other items. We decided to have taco night. It was nice to be cooking together and just having a nice relaxing evening at home.
Today I am going to an Easter Egg hunt with my mom and 2 of my nieces. My parents work has a hunt every year and has for the last 20 years. I will post pics of the event! Then mom and I are going to go look for stuff for our own hunt at their house on Easter Sunday. I really hope the kids mom doesn't have a fit about us having them. I am sure she will tell Andy that it's not his holiday as she does all the time. (he is Jewish) But it is mine (I am Catholic) and it's our weekend. We didn't have them for any of the holidays last year except Andy had them when his family went on the Alaskan Cruise over the 4th. Andy and I have totally talked about if we have a child we are going to teach them both and then let them decide what religion (if any) they want to be.
Anyway... Have a wonderful day... don't drink to many green beers this weekend! ha


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