Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Meet Willy!

My sister Carolynn and her family have a new family member! His name is Willy... He is a Newfoundland puppy. They had a beautiful all black one that they had to put down right after Christmas. Brutus had a lot of medical issues and problems with his legs at a year and a half old. The family was totally heart broken and the girls who are 7, 5 and 4 were devastated. So they contacted the breader and they let them pick out a new one and didn't charge them. Brutus was the only puppy they ever had to have these issues and I think it was good of the breeder to give them a new puppy. Most breeders want the dog back or won't replace the dog if you put it down. So meet WILLY! He is going to be HUGE!!! I saw pics of his parents and man oh man they are massive. I love his coloring and I have never seen a Newfie with white on them. I think he is around 12-14 weeks old, I forgot to ask how old he is and already weighs 29 pounds! That is what the pugs weigh now! YIKES!

Sorry they are kind of fuzzy... it was the best I could do with him running around with all the kids! I didn't take any pics of Lily and her missing tooth! But trust me she is so adorable and I will take some pics when we have them in 2 weeks!!


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