Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I have moved to a new home!

over on wordpress! Sorry blogger it's easier by far!!!


Monday, March 17, 2008


Am thinking of moving to WordPress... I know a couple of you are there now... but how did you move your posts from Blogger over there without losing data and having to go automatically to the new site??? Thanks!

My Cross Stitch

So many of you have seen my other cross stitch... hmmm not sure I showed you the finished project or not... well I will save it for another day. I don't bead, I don't scrapbook... I don't have the patience for it but yet I LOVE to cross stitch. Here is my latest one that I started around the holidays and I work on it as much as I can.
Can you tell what it is yet??
Here is the pattern... it is a 9 page pattern. I have never done one this large before.
Close up of the pattern.... I mark with highlighters what I have done already. I try to keep the colors seperated so I can see how much I did each day.
Now can you tell what it is??
Maybe this will help??? I bought the pattern on Ebay about 4 years ago when I first brought Winston home. It's scary how much it looks like Heffy though. It will probably take about 6 more months to get it done. I don't tend to do to much in the summer just cause of being out of course. I am almost done with the second page of it, hopefully by the weekend I can start a third page. I so can't wait until I am done with it and I know that Andy doesn't ever look at my blog and even if he did no big deal but I want to frame it and give it to him as a gift. Not sure if it will be for what special day yet. I will update again soon my progress!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

From Hef and Winston have a super safe and wonderful St Patrick's day! We aren't doing anything since Andy works until 930p and I have to be up early. That's fine with me though... don't want to be out and about with the snow coming down here this evening!
I am going to post pics now!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Date Night!

So we decided it's been a while since we went out. I was done with work by 1:00p, which is every Friday unless we are off and Andy was off from work. We went and saw The Bucket List. The reviews from that were on the movie theater website weren't the greatest but you know we both laughed and cried. It was so good. I will so buy this movie when it comes out. We then went the grocery store and bought dinner for last night and a few other items. We decided to have taco night. It was nice to be cooking together and just having a nice relaxing evening at home.
Today I am going to an Easter Egg hunt with my mom and 2 of my nieces. My parents work has a hunt every year and has for the last 20 years. I will post pics of the event! Then mom and I are going to go look for stuff for our own hunt at their house on Easter Sunday. I really hope the kids mom doesn't have a fit about us having them. I am sure she will tell Andy that it's not his holiday as she does all the time. (he is Jewish) But it is mine (I am Catholic) and it's our weekend. We didn't have them for any of the holidays last year except Andy had them when his family went on the Alaskan Cruise over the 4th. Andy and I have totally talked about if we have a child we are going to teach them both and then let them decide what religion (if any) they want to be.
Anyway... Have a wonderful day... don't drink to many green beers this weekend! ha

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Meet Willy!

My sister Carolynn and her family have a new family member! His name is Willy... He is a Newfoundland puppy. They had a beautiful all black one that they had to put down right after Christmas. Brutus had a lot of medical issues and problems with his legs at a year and a half old. The family was totally heart broken and the girls who are 7, 5 and 4 were devastated. So they contacted the breader and they let them pick out a new one and didn't charge them. Brutus was the only puppy they ever had to have these issues and I think it was good of the breeder to give them a new puppy. Most breeders want the dog back or won't replace the dog if you put it down. So meet WILLY! He is going to be HUGE!!! I saw pics of his parents and man oh man they are massive. I love his coloring and I have never seen a Newfie with white on them. I think he is around 12-14 weeks old, I forgot to ask how old he is and already weighs 29 pounds! That is what the pugs weigh now! YIKES!

Sorry they are kind of fuzzy... it was the best I could do with him running around with all the kids! I didn't take any pics of Lily and her missing tooth! But trust me she is so adorable and I will take some pics when we have them in 2 weeks!!

Minneapolis Pet Expo

A couple weeks ago I helped out with our Pug group for the Minneapolis Pet Expo downtown Minneapolis. Our group, THOMP along with Midwest Pug Rescue teamed up and had a booth together. My mom came with me and we checked out a ton of booths before had. I didn't bring either boy since it was such a long day.

This little girl was dressed up for a costume contest.
This one one also.
This one too...
A view of downtown Minneapolis from the convention center.
Another view.

Finally able to download pics!

So the Friday after I quit my job (at the other place) all of us girls at the dental office (where I work now) went out for my friend Brooke's baby shower. We first started at Pat's house, drank wine, snacked and Brooke opened her gifts. She had a baby girl whose name is Andelyn. Brooke had her there and her husband Dean came to pick up their oldest Aubrie and Andelyn and us girls went out to eat at Bucca Di Peppo. We ate in the kitchen which was really fun watching the food come out and we got to see all the dishes in case we wanted them.

Shelley(hygenist), Pat(hygenist), Brooke(used to be our Hygenist), Lori(office manager and my ex sis in law) and Melanie(one of doc's assist) before we ate!
Just a piece of their Chocolate cake which I had to take a pic of!
Our salad... it was the best salad I had ever had. I can't remember what it's called but it had cranberry's and apples on top. So good!
Here is SOME of the food we ate. Oh my we were stuffed afterwards!
The view of the kitchen and Melanie.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

I slept in!!!

and I was going to download pics but blogger is being mean this morning. So I will try later!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Kids Weekend!

we picked up the kids a little earlier last night... at 4p. Being that Andy is off and well at my new, wonderful and awesome job I am done on Friday's at 1p. We went grocery shopping, came home, made dinner. We then got into a serious game of Monopoly. I bought the other day Monopoly Pixar. It is so cool!!! We played for 4 hours!!!! Finally around 930p Lily was like I am done, I am getting tired. Well thank goodness! We were all getting tired and I was down to $20, kept landing in jail and NO one was landing on my properties. At one point we were taking a break to make rootbeer floats and one of Lily's top front teeth was hanging on by just a bit of skin. She finally pulled it!!! This is her 2nd tooth she has lost and 2nd one here with Dad and I. hehehe so bad...
So today we are going to my sisters house. They brought home their new Newfie puppy yesterday. His name is Willy and I am so excited to see him. I will take pics and post them later. The pup and Lily's smile! Otherwise no big plans for the weekend. I wanted to go to Como Zoo with the kids but it's going to be super chilly.
Ok be back later with PICS! I promise!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

This is the website...

Lisa I hope it's ok I posted it on my site. My pug group is going through a lot and I shared it with them to maybe shake them up a bit and make them see why we do what we do for our puggies.