Saturday, March 08, 2008

Kids Weekend!

we picked up the kids a little earlier last night... at 4p. Being that Andy is off and well at my new, wonderful and awesome job I am done on Friday's at 1p. We went grocery shopping, came home, made dinner. We then got into a serious game of Monopoly. I bought the other day Monopoly Pixar. It is so cool!!! We played for 4 hours!!!! Finally around 930p Lily was like I am done, I am getting tired. Well thank goodness! We were all getting tired and I was down to $20, kept landing in jail and NO one was landing on my properties. At one point we were taking a break to make rootbeer floats and one of Lily's top front teeth was hanging on by just a bit of skin. She finally pulled it!!! This is her 2nd tooth she has lost and 2nd one here with Dad and I. hehehe so bad...
So today we are going to my sisters house. They brought home their new Newfie puppy yesterday. His name is Willy and I am so excited to see him. I will take pics and post them later. The pup and Lily's smile! Otherwise no big plans for the weekend. I wanted to go to Como Zoo with the kids but it's going to be super chilly.
Ok be back later with PICS! I promise!


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