Sunday, January 27, 2008

Puggie Gathering

Where we going mom??
Lets go... we are so ready!
Pug pile!! Give treats they will come!
Andy with Winston laying next to him with a bunch of puggies coming up to be petted
The boys on the ride home... they zonked out the second we got in the car. I am a member of THOMP (The Heart of MN Pug Club) and we get together as much as possible to let the pugs play. Thomp is geared more towards the show dogs, however I have 2 non showing pugs. I was on the board for 2 years and it became way to much... All the fighting and craziness. I won't go into it but I feel that it's falling apart and I may just be part of the regular pug Meet Up in the Twin Cities. This was Hef's first meet up and he loved it. He played and was so good. I am still so amazed that someone could have the heart to give him up. He is such a wonderful dog.


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