Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Hope everyone had a wonderful evening last night! I had to work and with how sick we both have been, we opted to stay home. I bought a bottle of champibbly and well, we finished it off. I also bought the wine version of Barefoot, Pinot Grigio and we finished that off.... ok ok for not wanting to drink so much... I have a hang over!!!! I am sure its the wine... gots to be the wine!The bad bottle... hehe (it was really really good)
Hef waiting for the new year to start
Winston playing with his new toy.
My boys!!!
Winston playing...
I will post more pics but all I really did last night was cross stitch. My friend Jenners (honeypot Bradyn's mom) just found out she is pregnant! Yeah!!! I am so happy for them. So I started a Precious Moments picture. I am making quiting smoking my #1 resolution this year, am doing good so far... so I will be doing a TON of cross stitch!!!


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