Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's so cold!

It's -10 this morning without the windchill! I have no clue what that even is and don't want to know! ha
My job is going really good. I am going to stay at the office and when our lease is up here we are going to move to the east side of the cities. We are going to try to be in between both of our jobs. Andy figures it will be better for us to drive every other weekend to get the kids further away than me driving an hour a day just one way. We will try to find a place that has a park nice and close and hopefully a 3 bedroom townhome.
Let's see... I went to a dog expo at the Minneapolis Convention Center with my mom on Saturday. I worked it for 3 hours at the Pug Rescue booth. It was pretty fun. Lots of dogs and dressed up dogs... i will try to post pictures tonight!
I better get ready, I have to get my car filled up and then stop at my old job to get something I ordered from my friend Carmen's car. I will take pics and show you all... they are 3 cute little sayings. I want to hang them in our bedroom but we will see... I forgot what they say it's been so long since I ordered them! hahaha silly me! Have a great day!


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