Saturday, November 10, 2007

Friday's Picture Day 3

Here I am at work... yes I wait until I get there to eat. I work at a good size Mental Health clinic and I do all the insurance verifications, updates and referrals.
Here is the view I see everyday from my office.
This was taken when it was snowing... that is why it was so blurry looking I am assuming.
And here I am on my way home from work.
I didn't take pics really at work, I have a lot of PHI (personal health info) all over my desk and I wouldn't want any of that getting out. But it was a very good day at work. Besides the fact that it's Packer/Viking game week/weekend... That is why I had on my Favre jersey. Andy calls it "hate week" in our house. He is a die hard ViQueen fan and me, my Packers. Yes I grew up in MN but my dad raised us Packer fans. Even took us out to Green Bay when me and my sis were 17/18 and my brother 7. Anyway... Also yesterday I rec'd an email from my lawyer with all the paperwork. I had to print it off, find a notary and get it over-night'd to her. Thank goodness our HR/Lawyer/Payroll/he does it all for us/owners son-in-law... is a Notary Public. LOL he is a great guy. So I got that signed and ran to the post office to send it out.
I know I didn't take any pics last night... I should have but we didn't do anything but watch tv. We started watching SAW III... OMG STUPID... I really liked the first 2, all the mind bending but the 3rd one, we shut off... way to much gore. You can totally tell it's a new director. We then ended up waiting until 9p and bought "Knocked Up" off of pay per view. OMG That movie is good. We both really enjoyed it.
Well off to play on here and get ready for DAY II of picture day. Today should be more fun and adventureous. We are going ROLLER SKATING!!!! HAHAHAHA I will tell you more about that later!
Adios for now....


At 7:56 PM, November 10, 2007 , Blogger ♥PugPosse♥ said...

I am a Special K cereal Lover too! I Love the Red berries one the best!


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