Friday, November 09, 2007


• A)Are you available?: no
What is your age?: 35

• B)Do you know anyone named Brian?: Yes he was one of my best friends
When is your birthday?: May 26

• C)What’s your favorite candy? Skittles and Woppers
Who do you have a crush on?: my boyfriend Andy

• D)Do you daydream?: yes
What’s your favorite kind of dog? PUGGIES of course!

• E)Have you ever been in the emergency room?: yes
Ever pet an elephant?: yes at Ren Fest

• FDo you use fly swatters?: yes
is there a fan in your room?: yes can't sleep without it

• G)Do you chew gum?:yes
do you like gory movies?: usually

• H)How are you? fine, thanks
What’s your height? 5'3"
What color is your hair? blonde!

I)Have you ever ice skated?: A long time ago

• J)Favorite Jelly Bean?: Jelly Belly Pear flavored
Do you wear jewelry?: sometimes

•K)Who do you want to kill?: no one
Have you ever flown a kite?: yes
Do you think kangaroos are cute?:sure

•L)Are you laid back?: yes
Lions or Tigers?: lions
do you like black licorice ?: yes

• M)Favorite store at the mall?: Gap and Old Navy
Favorite movie?:Goodfellas, Son in Law

•N)Do you have a nickname?:as a kid it was Platy.
Do you prefer night or day? both for different reasons

• OAre you an only child?: nope
Do you like the color orange?: yes! Tony baby! But JM is still my favorite driver!

• P)Do you know anyone named Penelope? Just someone who has the middle name...

• Q)Have you ever eaten Quail?:yes

• R)Do you think you’re always right? depends on the situation
Do you watch reality TV?: yes

• S)Do you prefer sun or rain?: rain~I love rainy days at home...
Do you like snow?: yes

• T)What time is it? 2:51pm
What time did you wake up?: 4:45am

• U)Can you ride a unicycle?: no

• V)Did you ever watch VeggieTales?: no

• W)What’s your worst habit? smoking
What do you want right now?: my divorce done

• X)Have you ever had an x-ray?: yes
Ever used a Xerox machine?: yes

• Y)Do you like the color yellow?: yes
What year were you born in?: 1972
Do you yell when you’re angry?: Yes and cry

• Z)Do you believe in the zodiac?: yes


At 4:23 PM, November 09, 2007 , Blogger ♥PugPosse♥ said...

Oh I like this one...I will have to do this later on tonight!

Letter U- My daughters have Unicycles...I can't ride it for the lofe of me!


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