Tuesday, November 06, 2007

8 Days and counting...

Let me start out and say I love wine... I still have a lot to learn about wine but one of my absolute favorites is Door County, from... duh (jk) Door County, Wisconsin. For my fellow bloggers that aren't familiar Door County is far Eastern side where the thumb of Wisconsin is. Any who... Sorry these pics are blurry... I have't even drank a full glass! hahaha The DC wine is Cranberry Wine, it's a semi-sweet red wine. I am not a fan of dry wines at all. I like the sweeter wines with a bite.
This one is from Goose Lake farm and winery which is located in my hometown of Elk River, MN. It's Harvest Blend. It has 22% grape wine, 20% cranberry wine, 10% plum wine, 23% pear wine and 25% apple wine. I have never had it before and I know I won't be opening tonight! :) Maybe NEXT Wednesday.
Here is my glass all ready to be drank.... ahhh heaven. So what is with the 8 days you ask?? Well A week from tomorrow at 2:30p my divorce should HOPEFULLY be done. I say hopefully cause who knows what he may try to fight about. I found out this evening my parents are going to help me pay for the rest of my attorney. This stupid divorce has cost me nearly $3800 and there is NOTHING to fight over. UGH I can't imagine if we had kids!!! But if I wouldn't have come up with the remaining $1800 that I have left my lawyer wouldn't have shown up at court.
No worries I will keep you updated on what is going on... I will be the happiest person in the world. The only thing I wish I could get is my other pug Daisy that he has. We had to split them up and omg I miss her. I think Winnie misses his sister too.
Well I am going to start dinner now... have a great night!



At 10:06 PM, November 06, 2007 , Blogger ♥PugPosse♥ said...

Girl! you and I are going to be good friends! I too am a L♥ver of Wine. Especially Merlot. I don;t have much knowledge on wines either. I would L♥ve to go to a winery one day.
Why is it, it only cost around $40.00 for a marriage license and it costs thousands to divorce? It should be the other way around...go ahead and enjoy that Glass of wine...you desirve it. Divorce is a stressfull thing to have to go through.....


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