Saturday, November 17, 2007

the good, the bad, the ugly....

Ugly first... still no home computer. Have to do this at work... :( Yes I am crazy being here at 630AM!!! I want to make up hours so I don't use all my PTO for Turkey day and Friday.

The good/bad.... Hef is good! The vet checked him out and except his heartworm he is in good health. The bad.. The heartworm... the vet told me how it is done and what to expect. It's a very very scary process. After the holidays we will be getting him in to get started. That is when they will assess what stage he is at.

Off to a baby shower today! I forgot my camera at home so I won't be able to take any pics... *POUT*. But I will take lots of the kids this weekend and the puppies!



At 10:12 PM, November 21, 2007 , Blogger ♥PugPosse♥ said...

Oh Gosh! I was hoping that the Heartworm was done and This is scary! The poor little Fella.....I will be keeping my fingers crosses for a good and positive report!

HaPpY Thanksgiving~


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