Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lily's Pug Box

The inside of Lily's box... It say's "Welcome to pug world, where every pug finds a home."
A picture of a hedgehog and toys on the inside of the box.
One of the pugs she drew.
The other side has another pug
Ok so I totally forgot to tell you about how the kids reacted to the new family member. Well Andy went to pic them up while I had Hef at the vet. All he told the kids is that I had a surprise for them. I guess Hugh guessed another pug right away but Andy told him no. The things that they were asking Andy said when he walked in the door he pointed at the vaccuum sitting there and said that's your surprise. HA of course the kids didn't buy it. Well I called Andy when I got out of the vet office. It's literally a block from our house. Andy said out loud I will see you in 10 min when I was already in the driveway. I walk in the house and everyone was in the kids room. I let Hef run in off his leash. Hugh's reaction was the best. He come flying out of the room, asking what the surprise is, while Hef is sniffing at his feet already. He looks on the couch sees Winston, looks down, sees Hef, he keeps this up a few times and just dropped to his feet to play with Hef. It was priceless. We got them good. They so couldn't tell them apart at first it was so funny. But they are very happy with Hef!!!!


At 7:05 PM, November 24, 2007 , Blogger ♥PugPosse♥ said...

Wow those 2 look and act like they have ben together forever! I love the black Pugs...someday we will have one...
You tree is so pretty! Glad to see someone else gets their tree the day after Christmas...Pheww...
Love the box Lily Colored on...My daughter does that too....such a great age.


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